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Do you ever forget how busy summer can be?  I know I did! And then my mojo decided to take a hike and it’s just been crazy! But I finally managed to make something! And to be really happy with it!


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Theatre Inspires

Good morning everyone! No, you didn’t miss a video the last few weeks my mojo took a major hike over the last few weeks. I didn’t even get my design team projects done… Ugh! But I got hit with a touch of inspiration yesterday so I rolled with what was inspiring me hoping to give my mojo a jump start and put this together for today.

IMGA0001 (2).JPG

Today is a special day for the theatre community because it’s Tony Award day! The hashtag The Tony Awards is using this year is #theatreinspires which felt appropriate since it kind of gave me my mojo back.

Those of you who used to follow along when I was still My Crafty Place might remember that I’m a huge theatre fan and might even remember when I did a lot of theatre in college and right after I graduated. I haven’t talked about it much here so if you’re new here’s some little interesting facts about me. I usually only do one show a year at a community theatre near me I usually work backstage on props and as a leader of the run crew. Which is why you sometimes see tales of the things I make although I haven’t had to make anything too crazy in recent years.  I do like acting too and I’m hoping to get to a few auditions this year. Who knows maybe I’ll be doing a special series on that sometime in the next year.

I picked a quote from my favorite musical of all-time Newsies. I love this show like crazy and could talk to you about it for hours! Ask the girls at work they’ve been putting up with my craziness for like 3 weeks now…. Although I’ve been in love with this show since I was 6 and first heard Seize the Day I’ve been in overdrive lately with the release of Newsies Live. That’s right you can buy the Broadway version of  Newsies to watch whenever you want! How cool is that! It’s not as awesome as seeing it live of course but it’s still amazing!

This video launches a little series on my blog. I’ve been working on my Newsies Lettering Projcet since Febuary and I’m trying to finish it up I have 2 more videos to film and you’ll see them throughout the next couple of weeks while I get busy with my own theatre stuff.

So if you’re still here and reading thanks for hanging out this long and I hope you can find what inspires you.