Craft Space Tuesday: Watercolor!!!

I’ve been wanting to tackle this Craft Space Tuesday topic all month because July is national watercolor month! I’m glad I was able to get this in before the end of the month! I’ll probably be revisting this topic later but for now check out some of the different watercolor technique samples I’ve made.


This one is one of my favorites! How many of you have a clear wink of stella pen at home?  Well here’s a new technique for you did you know that you can use your wink of stella brush as a waterbrush it will work just like a regular waterbrush and add sparkle!


This sample you’ve seen before. For this sample I created a watercolor  background then stamped in versamarkand heat embossed in clear and ran a wet paper towel  over  it which lifted up some of the color from the background while some color stayed traped under the clear embossing powder.


This sample features no line coloring with watercolor! Jenifer Mcquire just posted a great video showcase no line coloring! I really encourage you to check it out! Maybe I’ll do my own no-line coloring video someday!


This is one of my favorite new techniques I’ve learned Spotlight watercolor! I simply stamped these fairies in a random pattern. Drew in a circle then colored with colors the inside of the circle but painted a duller color on the outside of the circle.


This is similar to the watercolor lifting sample I showed earlier except this time I only lifted  the color from inside the stamped lines instead of from the whole piece.


Almost done! This is a simple ombré watercolor background. Use the water to lighten the color as you work down the page. Want a lighter color? Just add more water!

IMG_0322.JPGLast example! This is a plaid watercolor background. You start with your lightest color and paint over the darker colors to make the stripes!

I know this post is going up late tonight. And I can’t promise a post tomorrow but I will be back Thursday!



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