Craft Space Tuesday: Get Orgnized Wrap Up and Blog Updates

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

On this weeks Craft Space Tuesday we start off with a wrap up of the Get Organized Challenge.

Now How did I do?

Not to bad. I did loose major motivation towards the end but I’m still happy with everything I got done and where I’m at. I still have a long way to go but there will be another challenge in the fall and we’ll see if I can make some more improvements then.

I just want to showcase one more part of the get organized challenge today. And it was sort of a “why didn’t I think of this before” moment.

So most of the dies I have are nestabilities which means they have an open center.

I’ve been cutting out all the dies to glue them into my catalog. Well I got to the last set and had absolutely no drive to cut them all out on my cuttlebug… And then I realized I could just trace the inside window!!!! Is it perfect? No but is it good enough and close enough for me? ABSOLUTELY! I was so mad that it took me so long to figure this one out! I could have easily finished my dies in one day had I thought of this earlier!

Remember I’m always looking for Craft Space Tuesday post ideas. If you have a crafting topic you’d like to see me talk about. Leave a comment down below, Send me an E-mail at

OK so that’s the exciting part of today and now to the more boring part.

My next few weeks are crazy which as you already know is why you aren’t seeing daily blog posts right now. As part of this I’m working on some blog layout updates and other blog type updates. In what I’ve nicknamed this week electronic organization week. Just wanted to give everyone a heads up if the blog starts to look a little different.

2 thoughts on “Craft Space Tuesday: Get Orgnized Wrap Up and Blog Updates

  1. Sami, I tell you, you are absolutely adorable! I love how you share your day – it's like we are there with you. You are one organized girl! My dies are a mess – in a box, in a bin, half missing – LOL!


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