Craft Space Tuesday

Good Morning!

I really have been enjoying these “Get Organized” Tuesday posts. So I’m slightly revising them to Craft Space Tuesday! The Get Organized challenge is wrapping up in the next few weeks but I like talking about craft things that aren’t always showing off a project so I’m going to try and keep those to Craft Space Tuesdays!

Things that might be featured included; My favorite crafty products, What my current work space looks like, progress on organizing things, hauls from crafty shopping, Q and A type things from the comments and that get asked through E-mail. I’m always open to other ideas too.

This week’s post is inspired by a reader comment! Kim from Katy Did Cards left me a comment last week asking if I would share my Digi Stamp organization! Well of course1

This was my first Digi Stamp Organization. I’d download them and put them in a folder with all the other stamps from that company. Which worked well for blogging but not always for finding a stamp I needed unless I knew where it was from.

Then we I joined my Design Teams I made another folder for them so I knew which Digis I had for my DT duties.

And this is the new way! I have the stamps sorted into categories so I can look at all my animal stamps together etc. I kept the other 2 files to be able to cross reference for the blog and so far it’s been working well for me!


5 thoughts on “Craft Space Tuesday

  1. Looks great!! I can barely keep track of my 4 kids, let alone my digis – LOL! (Kidding!) 🙂 Wonderfully organized, looks like you know where everything is when you need it, Sami 🙂


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