Orginzing Update Stamps and Die Cuts

So this week was Stamps and Die Cuts. I’ve really been enjoying this week. I’ve wanted to create a stamp catalog for a long time, so that’s what I’ve been working on right now. I’m actually working on what I’m calling a craft binder. Basically it is slightly inspired by a friend of mine who made a super cute little technique binder where she puts small samples of techniques she’s learned, mine just goes beyond that. I want to eventually have a technique section, a stamp section, an ink section and maybe a die section although I haven’t quite figured out how I want to execute that section yet. I don’t have it set up yet so I don’t have a picture but I will share as I work on it.

But this is what I’m at right now.

That’s that double sided stamp organizer I bought from HSN. Everything fits in it! It’s amazing and I love it. I’m still struggling with organizing my clear stamps though… I’m thinking of getting some of those Avery Elle Stamp pockets they look really cool and I saw a really cool thing on pintrest but I need my own place and my own craft room for that šŸ˜›

Remember when I bought those Karen Buddy Bags from HSN yes the original plan was to store my stamps in there but the longer sets don’t fit and I’m not a fan but I do love it for dies!!! I’m not sure I like the sticky die cards.. but I love the pockets to store dies in! Everything fits in one bag right now but I want to get some more dies so I’m sure I’ll need the other bag soon enough but this is what I’ve done with it.

I’ve created a die cut and glitter station!! This is just a way for me to keep everything a little controlled. All my cuttlebug materials can stay together and the glitter and flock and eventual embossing powder have one corner where they stay and it can kind of contain the messy products. One thing I love about those Karen bags is that my cuttlebug platforms fit in the bag to! I always take my cuttlebug to crops because I don’t like to travel with my electronic machines. Being able to have everything in that bag is going to be awesome come scrapbook expo!


8 thoughts on “Orginzing Update Stamps and Die Cuts

  1. I love getting organized. I used evernote to digitally store all the images of my stamps and I can tag them by mfg and theme so i can easily find it with my iphone when I'm out shopping to make sure I don't buy dupes of anything. Please do share your organizational journey with us. There's something about “peeking” into another's place that I love!


  2. It's been working out really well so far! I really enjoy how I have it set up! Just that area gets covered in glitter now! It's only the little bit that seams to travel that gets in other places.


  3. I downloaded Evernote but I knew that I really wanted a hard copy too, So what I'm thinking I might do is make the hard copy and scan it into evernote eventually.. I don't know I haven't decided yet šŸ˜›


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