A trip to the LSS

So about a week or so ago my mom and I took a girls day trip to one of our LSS. It’s relatively close to where we live but far enough that we don’t go often and it’s a treat to visit. So today I thought it would be fun to share what my mom and I all got.

These 2 go together but I’m so excited to finally have my Tool-in-One! I’ve already used the paper piercer end and I’m already in love!

This one is kind of boring but it needed to be bought. I use this stuff a lot. My SNC mat and Cricut mats are struggling to stick and this is my preferred way to keep my paper in place when that happens. I also like to use it to keep dies in place when I run them through my cuttlebug!

This is one of those I need it things but I’m actually really excited about it. I hate re-filling my markers but I’m super excited to try it with these.

This is a pair of reverse tweezers. My mom has a pair of regular tweezers that we usually use but they were too much work for me so I bought these and they’re pink which I think is awesome!!

This is another boring one. I bought some extra brush nibs because I think it’s a good thing to have on hand.

I love this tool! I haven’t used the little tacky pick up end yet but I love the other end right now for taking off the backs of double sided tape!

 This one is for my mom. We both have big scor pals but she has the original version that doesn’t have all the line on it and she’s been wanting the smaller one. So she bought it. 🙂

Last but not least my mom got some paper. I’m not sure who the manufactures though.

That’s it. My guess is that the next haul post will be coming from SCRAPBOOK EXPO in April!!

Never fear tomorrow there will be a card!


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