Gyro Cut

Today I have a little product review. This is by far one of my favorite products that I have started using in the last year.

This is the Gyro Cut. It’s a craft knife but it works like a pen and the blade moves around as you move it so if you draw a curve the cutting sharp pointy part of the blade moves with the handle. I’ve always struggled with getting craft knifes to work well for me but this works perfectly for me. I’ve been using this since August and used it to do all my fussy cutting before I got my scan n cut in December. I still use it to do clean up if I need to!

4 thoughts on “Gyro Cut

  1. Do it! It's so worth it! Unfortunately I cracked part of the plastic on mine trying to make it do something it didn't want to do but all I did was just tape it up and still works great!


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