Orgnizing Update


I’m back with an organizing update. This week the focus was on paper. As I mentioned last week we’ve recently sorted through our paper so there’s not a whole lot to do other then just a little straightening up. But anyway this coming up week is embellishments which is always a major thing! So I’ll probably have a lot more to talk about next week!

Last week Shelly from over at My Creative Rumblings and also part of my blog group Creative Card Makin Chicks left a comment about my paper racks sounding like a good idea. So I thought I would share a picture.

So it’s sorted by rainbow first on one side and then there’s a few shelves with specialty paper like vellum and then it’s sorted by theme’s after that. My small paper packs are kept in a separate spot. When I travel to crops I always take all my small paper packs because that’s where I get my patterned paper from so that’s where they all live unless I’m using them, what I usually do is pull out 2 and then use those till there gone unless I’m working on a really specific project.

That’s all I got for this week.


3 thoughts on “Orgnizing Update

  1. Sounds like those paper racks are a solution to your organizing problems with paper. I'm still looking for an answer to my problems with organizing…I'll keep coming back here to see your ideas!


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