Get Orginzed Update

Hi Everyone! I know I’ve disappeared over the weekend but I’m back with some great stuff to look forward to. So what was I up to? I worked 2 days last week which was awesome! Then I got wrapped up in some reading… I read 3 books in 4 days!  But I’m back on the card making train again! But that’s not what we’re here for today.

So it’s been a week since the Get Organized Challenge officially started and I thought it was time for an update. Week 1 has been successfully completed. We had a few areas we knew we already wanted to go through and purge. And we can barely lift the purge box already!!! Now I know we’ll keep purging stuff as we go into the specific challenges but I have to say we’ve been doing pretty well!  

Week 2 is paper… Which we sort of already did. My aunt moved away and gave us her paper racks since she was downsizing. Along with a whole bunch of other stuff. But when we got the paper racks we moved all the paper into them and followed Tiffany’s 4 section system. Then we got new flooring in the room where the paper racks are so we went through everything a second time!  So we’re pretty much set for the paper challenge… We still have a few details to work through but it should be a pretty easy week!

As far as the other 2 challenges. I’ve earned $75 for stamp 2 spend which is awesome because Scrapbook Expo is coming up quick!! And I’ve been really good at the Use it challenge I’ve been doing really well with too. I’ve found myself using a lot of old or never before used stamps but I really think my Scan N Cut has helped with that. I used to these days where I would just color, color ,color and then fussy cut, fussy cut, fussy cut. But now I find that I’m a lot more likely to branch out because it’s so easy to cut on my SNC2!

I hope everyone else is doing well! This week I’ve got some cards, some of my thoughts on CHA 2016, and a big announcement!!


2 thoughts on “Get Orginzed Update

  1. Hi Shelly thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment! I do love our paper racks and I'll be sad when I have to leave them behind when I move out but I guess it just means I need to get some of my own!I'll try and include a picture of my paper racks when I do my next update so you can see them!


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